CS 290 - Ubiquitous Computing

Prasun Dewan

TR 4:45-6pm (Tentative)

In this course, we will look at concepts that take computing beyond the desktop. We will cover six main topics: replication of mobile data, distributed appliances and sensors, ubiquitous networking, location-aware computing, resource conservation, and ubiquitous collaboration. Some of the specific issue we will study include hoarding, update propagation, and merging of mobile data; discovery, access, user-interface deployment, and composition of distributed devices; mobile IP, wireless networking, and ad-hoc routing; tracking of location and orientation; power-aware scheduling, fidelity management, and routing; and dynamic migration and replication of shared applications.

I will present power point slides based on selected papers in this area. (see syllabus given in course page). Students will be responsible for creating class notes from the lecture slides, doing programming and/or written projects, and making project presentations. There will be exams. The projects can survey topics in this area not covered in class, report experience with existing research systems, and integrate and extend concepts in these systems. Projects in this course may be combined with those of other courses you are taking this semester: multimedia systems, network performance, hardware systems, and virtual worlds. Look at other course offerings (linked from course page) for project ideas.

The lecture time has been chosen to minimize conflicts with other courses. We will move it to an earlier time if everyone enrolled is agreeable to it.

For more information, look at http://www.cs.unc.edu/~dewan/290/s02/course.htm