package lectures.class_dual_roles.statics;
import util.annotations.WebDocuments;
 * For the Praxis 2 statics portion, it looks like the primary classes (based on the 'package-info' class) are Factorials, Permutations, and 
 * StaticLoopingFactorialSpreadsheet. 
 * Some of the questions, will ask us to change something in the code and 
 * 'see what happens'. 
 * My first instinct to see what happens was to try and run the script. 
 * However, none of these classes have a 'main' method (so they cannot be run). 
 * Does this imply that we are simply supposed to change the script and see if
 * Eclipse throws any errors in the editor (as opposed to running something to 
 * find errors). 
 * Yes
@WebDocuments({"Lectures/ClassDualRolesStatics.pptx", "Lectures/ClassDualRolesStatics.pdf", "Videos/ClassDualRolesStatics.avi"})
public class Clarifications {