package lectures.types.enums;
import util.annotations.Explanation;
import util.annotations.WebDocuments;
@Explanation("Calculates BMI from height in metres and weight in kgs, and infers overweight/underweight/normal status")
public interface BMISpreadsheetWithEnumConstants  {
    public double getHeight();
    public void setHeight(double newVal); 
    public double getWeight(); 
    public void setWeight(double newVal); 
    public double getBMI();
    public static double MAX_UNDERWEIGHT_BMI = 18.5;
    public static double MAX_NORMAL_BMI = 24.9;
    public static double MAX_OVERWEIGHT_BMI = 29.9;
    public static double MAX_OBESE_BMI = 39.9;      
    public EnumBMIClassification getBMIClassification();
    public EnumRace getRace();
    public void setRace (EnumRace newVal);