Initial Reading List for Collaborative Systems

Here is a list of important papers in CSCW. If you are taking a 1 credit readings course, it will be sufficient to read five of these papers and summarize them in a term paper. I have all of these papers with me. You can grab all papers written by me from my web page. I will leave copies of these papers with Marie Tarjan, Rm 154, and you can collect them from her.

General Issues

These are good general papers on CSCW. Like the second list of papers, they also discuss specific systems - but the systems are somewhat simple and the main contribution is a good introduction to CSCW. If you are plan to read only one of them - read the latest one by Ellis et al. I would recommend reading all of them.

%A Sunil Sarin
%A Irene Greif
%T Computer-Based Real-Time Conferencing Systems
%J IEEE Computer
%V 18
%N 10
%D October 1985
%P 33-49

%A Mark Stefik
%A Gregg Foster
%A Daniel G. Bobrow
%A Kenneth Kahn
%A Stan Lanning
%A Lucy Suchman
%T Beyond the Chalkboard: Computer Support for Collaboration and Problem Solving in Meetings
%V 30
%N 1
%D January 1987
%P 32-47

%A Clarence A. Ellis
%A Simon J. Gibbs
%A Gail L. Rein
%T Groupware: Some Issues and Experiences
%D January 1991
%P 38-58
%V 34
%N 1

Specific Systems

These describe general purpose systems that addresss many of the issues mentioned by the papers above. I have listed them in order of the importance I would assign to them. I have included the VR paper because I think the relationship between VR and Collaboration is something we at UNC should be particularly interested in.

%A J.C. Lauwers
%A K.A. Lantz
%T Collaboration Awareness in Support of Collaboration Transparency:
Requirements for the Next Generation of Shared Window Systems
%J Proceedings of ACM CHI'90
%P 303-312
%D April 1990

%A Prasun Dewan
%A Rajiv Choudhary
%T A High-Level and Flexible Framework for Implementing Multiuser User Interfaces
%J ACM Transactions on Information Systems
%D October 1992
%V 10
%N 4
%P 345-380

%A Ralph Hill
%A Tom Brinck
%A Steven Rohall
%A John Patterson
%A Wayne Wilner
%T The Rendezvous Architecture and Language for Constructing Multiuser Applications
%J ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction
%D June 1994
%V 1
%N 2

%A Chris Greenhalgh
%A Steven Benford
%T MASSIVE: A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Teleconferencing
%J ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
%D September 1995
%P 239-261


This paper describes experience with the Xerox tools descvibed by the Stefik et al paper listed above.

%A Deborah G. Tatar
%A Gregg Foster
%A Daniel G. Bobrow
%T Design for Conversation: Lessons from Cognoter
%J International Journal of Man-Machine Studies
%V 34
%N 2
%P 596-608

Specific Issues

These papers discuss individual issues in CSCW. To me, these are the most interesting because they contain the most depth. But if you just want to get a feel for CSCW, give these papers the least priority. For each issue, I have listed what I feel is the most interesting paper addressing it.

Concurrency Control

%A Irene Greif
%A Robert Seliger
%A William Weihl
%T Atomic Data Abstractions in a Distributed Collaborative Editing System
%J ACM Conference record of POPL
%D January 1986


%A Prasun Dewan
%A Rajiv Choudhary
%T Coupling the User Interfaces of a Multiuser Program
%J ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction
%V 2
%N 1
%P 1-39
%D March 1995


%A Atul Prakash
%A Michael J. Knister
%T A Framework for Undoing Actions in Collaborative Systems
%J ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
%D December 1994
%P 295-330

Access Control

%A Honghai Shen
%A Prasun Dewan
%T Access Control for Collaborative Environments
%J Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
%D November 1992
%P 51-58


%A Christine M. Neuwirth
%A Ravinder Chandok
%A David S. Kaufer
%A Paul Erion
%A James H. Morris
%A Dale Miller
%T Flexible Diff-ing in a Collaborative Writing System
%J Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
%D October 1992
%P 147-154


%A Jon Munson
%A Prasun Dewan
%T A Flexible Object Merging Framework
%J Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative
%D October 1994
%P 231-242

Concurrency Control

Session Management

%A Keith Edwards
%T Session Management for Collaborative Applications
%J Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative
%D October 1994
%P 323-330