COMP 770: Spring 2009

Course Description



Teach the basic methods and skills for rendering computer graphics images, from modeling of polygons and closed surfaces to simulating the interactions of matter and energy that give rise to images.


COMP 665 or COMP 575


Lecture with about one programming assignment due every 2 weeks.

COURSE OUTLINE (approx number of lectures)

Course Overview                                                                 (1)

Review of graphics pipeline including transformations, projection and clipping  (1)

Visibility Computations					                        (4)
   Binary space partitioning; depth sorting; using a Z-buffer;
   view frustum and potential visible set computation

Mapping Techniques                                                              (2)
   Texture mapping; enviroment mapping; view-dependant mapping; bump mapping 

Rendering Methods                                                               (3)
    shadows, global illumination

Ray Tracing                                                                     (4)
   Recursive ray tracing: illumination model and intersection; simple shadows
   bounding volumes; beam tracing; spatial coherence

Curves and Surfaces                                                             (5)
   Quadrics; Bezier curves; B-splines; interpolation and approximation; 
   tensor-product and triangular patches; surface fitting;
   rendering curved surfaces; subdivision surfaces

Solid Modeling                                                                  (3)
   Representing solids; Boolean set operations; constructive solid geometry
   and boundary representations; CSG -> B-rep conversion

Project Proposal Presentation                                                   (1)

Special topics: GPU Programming, Sound Rendering, Animation, Levels-of-detai    (3)