Example Project

Stefan Gottschalk


(The title for your project should appear at the top of the page in big letters, as is "Example project" here. It should also serve as a link to any additional project pages. In this example, we have the "additional project pages" being a research project here at UNC. Your pages don't need to be so elaborate.


Explain, succinctly, your goal for the project -- what you hope to accomplish. You might express two or three stages of accomplishment: the minimum you think you can do, what you expect to do, and what you hope to do.


In scientific literature, "motivation" sections explains why the problem you are tackling might be of interest to anyone. Please explain, as best you can, the motivation for your project.


But we are also interested in your personal reasons for being interested in this problem. Your main motivation may stem from an interest in the computational method, the subject matter, anything. It doesn't have to be a "good" or "scientific" reason, just an explanation for why you were moved to choose this project topic over the many possible ones.


Give a brief overview of the previous work in this area. Who has done related work, and where they published. If you can dig up web page references to online papers, that would be nice.


Explain how you plan to demonstrate your project material at the end of the semester. Will it be an interactive demonstration (such as with a modeling program or physical dynamics simulation), or a presentation with overhead transparancies/powerpoint slides showing still images, diagrams, and performance plots?