COMP 258: Fall 2000

Course Description



Cover issues related to curve and surface representations; solid representations; surface reconstruction; Boolean operations and robustness; Geometric constraint systems;


COMP 136 (or equivalent), COMP122 (or equivalient), some background in geometric algorithms or permission of the instructor


Lectures will be given by instructors and students. We may also have guest lecturers. The students will be expected to present one lecture on one of the topics.

TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE (approx number of weeks)

Class Introduction                                             (1)

Curve and Surface Representations; Bezier Curves; B-Splines;   (10)
Tensor-Product Surfaces; Triangular Patches;

Subdivision Techniques                                         (4)

Solid Modeling and Boolean Operations                          (6)

Other Topics                                                   (8)

    Medial Axis Transform
    Geometric Constraint Systems
    Robust Geometric Computations
    User Interfaces for Modeling
    Discretized Shape Representations (e.g. Distance Fields)
    Polar Forms 
    Boolean Computations Using Graphics Hardware