Student Lectures

Name Lecture Topic Date
Miguel Otaduy Model Simplification (11/29/00)
Bill Baxter Hardware Acceleration of Curve & Surface Rendering (10/30/00)
David O'Brien User Interfaces for CAD (11/29/00)
Max Garber Medial Axis Transform (12/04/00)
Wei Chao Chen Progressive Encoding of Meshes ; Animations (11/27/00)
Scott Larsen Polar Forms (10/02/00)
Kelly Ward Physically-Based Curve & Surface Design (10/16/00)
Justin Hensley Free Form Deformation 10/25/00
Samir Naik Modeling with Implicits 10/23/00
Paul Zimmons New Optimization Methods for Geometric ComputingNew Optimization Methods for Geometric Computing (11/27/00)
Avneesh Sud Mesh Zippering from Range Images (12/04/00)
Karl Hillesland Surface Reconstruction (11/01/00)
Mark Harris Subdivision Surfaces for Animation (11/20/00)
Deepak Bandyopadhyay 3D Photography (11/06/00)