Student Course Projects

Name Project
Jingyu Yan Parameterization of Deforming Surfaces
Qiong Han 3-D Metrics for Facial Form Changes by Orthognatic Surgery
Sudipta Sinha Similarity of 3D shapes through Topology Matching
Sung-Eui Yoon View-dependent Rendering with Conservative Occlusion Culling
Nolan Walker Silhouette Discovery for Subdivision Surfaces
Ja Yeon Jeong Watermarking 3D and 4D (animated 3D) Models
Eli Broadhurst CSG with blending for M-Reps
Julien Jomier Applying non-rigid deformations on tubular structures via curve parametrization
Luv Kohli Heuristics for 3D model decomposition
B. Salomon View Dependent Simplification using Graphics Hardware
B. Lloyd Dynamic Shadows and Lighting for Walkthrus of Large Models
T. Kim Sharp Subdivision Creases for Ice Simulation
G. Varadhan Surface Representation and Reconstruction
N. Govindraju Parallel Architectures for Occlusion Culling