COMP 258: Fall 1999

Course Description



Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Large Data Visualization Systems are three major applications that are routinely expected to assemble, analyze, manage and visualize large data sets. This course will focus on the technical issues that underly the capabilities of these systems.


COMP 136 (or equivalent), COMP122 (or equivalient), some background in geometric algorithms or permission of the instructor


Lectures will be given by instructors. We will have guest lecturers. The students will be expected to present one lecture on one of the topics.

TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE (approx number of weeks)

Class Introduction                                             (1)

GIS: overview, data & data models, spatial indices, terrain    (9)
models and applications

Surface Reconstruction                                         (5)

Model Simplification                                           (4)

Geometric Compression                                          (3)

Volume datasets                                                (2)

Computational Topology                                         (2)