Lecture 2, Aug 23:

Definition of GIS:

See Lesson 1 of a tutorial on ARC/INFO: Why GIS?


Geographic Data:

Handout: J. Dangermond, "A review of digital data commonly available and some of the practical problems of entering them into a GIS." Peuquet and Marble, eds, Introductory Readings in Geographic Information Systems, pages 222232. Taylor & Francis, London, 1990.

Problem set #1: Go surfing.

due Aug 30.

Find an on-line source of geographic data for this area, or for the area you come from. (Examples can range from MapQuest to the US Geological Survey or Census.) Consider the type and format of the data you find:

Send me an email with a link and a one or two paragraph answer, and we’ll make these available on the web pages.


Some links on coordinate systems and geographic data input

How to Read UTM coordinates:


Coordinates systems overview by Peter H. Dana


USGS specifications for Digital Orthophoto Quads: http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/glis/hyper/guide/usgs_doq

GPS glossary: http://www.gps4fun.com/how_to_use.html