Kirin's Gratuitous Final Fantasy Characters Chart


These charts list character and party information for Final Fantasy 1-13. Includes classes and FULL names (who remembered FF4 characters even had last names?). The first chart is a sample showing the format. In this version I've added weapons where appropriate (FF 4,7,8,9,10 and 13).
SPOILER ALERT: some of these characters are considered "secret" - I've listed all significant playable characters for FF 1-13.

Game Title

# main chars
total #chars
Party notes # in party
Character full name class/skills weapon (in 4,7,8,9) other notes
English/Japanese name class/skills weapon other notes
[Secret] name class/skills weapon other notes

Final Fantasy 1

4 main
4 total
Four generic user-named characters, picked by class 4 party

Final Fantasy 2 4 main
9 total
Game-controlled character selection.
(The first three characters stay constant while the fourth is swapped.)
Weapons and skills changeable; class indicated fits their character.
4 party
Firion/Frionel (fighter)  
Maria (mage/archer)  
Gus/Guy (barbarian)  
Leon/Leonheart DarkKnight lost at beginning
Minwu/Minyu WhiteMage temporary
Josef Monk temporary
Gordon Prince temporary
Layla Pirate temporary
Richard Highwind Dragoon temporary

Final Fantasy 3 (untranslated) 4 main
4 total
Four completely generic user-named characters; classes are changeable.
Update: apparently in the DS remake the chars are Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus.
4 party

Final Fantasy 4 (FF2 US) 12 main
12 total
Game-controlled character selection at all times.
The final party is Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain, Edge.
1-5 party
Cecil Harvey Dark Knight / Paladin sword  
Rosa Farrell White Wizard staff  
Kain/Cain Highwind Dragoon spear  
Rydia of Mist Caller / Black Wizard rod  
Edward/Gilbert Chris von Muir Bard harp  
Tellah Wizard staff  
Yang Fang Leiden Martial Artist claws  
Cid Pollendina Mechanic wrench  
Edge [Edward] Geraldine Ninja katana/stars  
Palom Black Mage rod  
Porom White Mage staff  
Fu SoYa/Fuusuuya Sage/Lunarian rod?  

Final Fantasy 5

5 main
5 total
Game-controlled character selection (one-time change).
All characters can switch to any job acquired.
4 party
Bartz/Butz Klauser  
Reina/Lenna Charlotte Tycoon  
Faris Scherwiz [Sarisa Tycoon]  
Galuf Doe [Halm Baldesion]  
Krile/Kururu Maia Baldesion  

Final Fantasy 6 (FF3 US) 12 main
14 total
Game-controlled selection for first half of game;
user controlled among (re-)acquired characters for second half.
Possible, but not necessary, to have all 14 characters at end of game.
1-4 party
Terra/Tina Branford Half-Esper  
Locke Cole Thief ('Treasure Hunter' ^_-)
Mog Moogle (Dancer)
Edgar Roni Figaro Engineer (uses Tools)
Sabin/Mash Rene Figaro Martial Artist 
Celes Chere Runic Knight  
Shadow [Clyde] Ninja  
Cyan/Cayenne Garamonde Samurai  
Gau Wild Boy (Blue Mage variant)
Strago/Stragus Magus Blue Mage  
Relm Arrowny Painter (control)
Setzer Gabbiani Gambler  
Umaro Yeti secret/optional
Gogo Mimic secret/optional
Banon Priest temporary
?????? Ghost temporary/optional
Vicks/Biggs and Wedge Soldier temporary

Final Fantasy 7

7 main
9 total
Usually player-controlled character selection once acquired.
Characters differentiated only by weapons and limit breaks.
1-3 party
Cloud Strife soldier sword  
Tifa Lockheart martial artist gloves  
Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough healer staff  
Barret Wallace rebel machine gun  
Red XIII [Nanaki] beast hair pin  
Cid Highwind engineer spear  
Cait-Sith [Reeve] gambler horn  
Yuffie Kisaragi ninja boomerang secret/optional
Vincent Valentine turk/demon rifle secret/optional

Final Fantasy 8

6 main
11 total
Usually player-controlled character selection once acquired.
Characters differentiated only by weapons and limit breaks.
2-3 party
Squall Lionheart SeeD gunblade  
Rinoa Heartilly trainer/sorceress boomerang  
Zell Dincht martial artist gloves  
Quistis Trepe blue mage whip  
Selphie Tilmett wild mage nunchucks  
Irvine Kinneas marksman rifle  
Seifer Almasy SeeD gunblade temporary
Edea Kramer sorceress magic temporary
Laguna Loire soldier machine gun flashback
Kiros Siegel soldier knives flashback
Ward Zabak soldier spear anchor flashback

Final Fantasy 9

8 main
10 total
(mostly) Game-controlled selection for first half of game;
(mostly) user controlled for second half.
1-4 party
Zidane Tribal Thief knife/butterfly  
Vivi Ornitier Black Mage staff  
[Dagger] Garnet Til Alexandros 17th White Mage/Caller rod/racket  
Adelbert Steiner Knight sword  
Freija Crescent Dragoon spear  
Eiko Carol White Mage/Caller flute/racket  
Amarant/Salamander Coral Martial Artist gloves/claws  
Quina Quen Chef/Blue Mage fork  
Marcus, Blank, Cinna Thief sword temporary
Beatrix Paladin? sword temporary

Final Fantasy 10

7 main
8 total
Generally player-controlled selection after characters are acquired. 1-3 party
Tidus swordsman/blitzball player sword  
Yuna summoner/white mage staff  
Wakka blitzball player blitzball  
Lulu sorceress dolls  
Kimahri Ronso beastman/blue mage spear  
Rikku thief/alchemist/engineer dagger  
Auron swordsman/knight sword  
Seymour maester/summoner staff temporary

Final Fantasy X-2

3 main
3 total
Constant party, classes changeable as acquired
- initial classes indicated in chart.
3 party
Yuna gunner guns  
Rikku thief knives  
Paine knight sword  

Final Fantasy XI

1 main
N total
Online Multiplayer. Totally customizable single character.
Form parties with other PCs.
? party

Final Fantasy XII

6 main
10 total
Generally player-controlled selection after characters are acquired.
Weapons changeable, initial equipment shown.
3 party
Vaan street urchin short-sword  
Ashe[lia] B'nargan Dalmasca princess sword  
Balthier [Ffarmran Mid Bunansa] sky pirate gun  
Fran sky pirate bow  
Penelo street urchin knife  
Basch von Rosenburg knight sword  
Lamont [Larsa Ferrinas Solidor] prince short-sword Guest
Vossler York Azelas knight sword Guest
Reddas [Foris Zecht] pirate sword Guest
Reks knight trainee sword Temporary

Final Fantasy XIII

6 main
8 total
Game-controlled selection until late game, then user-controlled.
Weapons fixed. One Eidolon per character.
2-3 party
Lightning Farron ex-militia sword/gun (Odin)
Snow Villiers 'hero' fists (Shiva)
Oerba Dia Vanille agent? rod/wires (Hecatoncheir)
Sazh Katzroy pilot pistols (Brynhildr)
Hope Estheim kid boomerang (Alexander)
Oerba Yun Fang agent? spear (Bahamut)
Gadot rebel machine gun guest
Lebreau rebel rifle guest

Final Fantasy XIII-2

2 main
X total
Constant 2-person party plus third from recruitable
monsters and guests
3 party
Serah Farron teacher bow-sword  
Noel Kreiss hunter dual sword  

Final Fantasy XV

4 main
7 total
Game-controlled party, usually main four, occasional
added guests or subtracted bros. Only Noct controlled directly.
4 party
Noctis Lucis Caelum prince sword, all  
Gladiolus Amicitia guard broadsword, shield  
Ignis Scientia tutor, cook daggers, spear  
Prompto Argentum friend guns, machines  
Cor Leonis soldier sword? guest
Iris Amicitia sister, hunter fists? guest
Aranea Highwind mercenary, dragoon spear guest

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