The Black Roses

Just a handy chart to help keep track of all those duelists who pop up in season two...

BLACK ROSE DUELISTS: Ohtori Kanae Kaoru Kozue Takatsuki Shiori Tsuwabuki Mitsuru Shinohara Wakaba Sonoda Keiko Mikage Souji
Associated Main Character Akio Miki Juri Nanami Saionji Touga Utena
Jealous of Main Character? NO Maybe? YES YES NO NO Maybe?
In Love with Main Character? NO NO? NO NO? YES YES NO
Has Inferiority Complex? Maybe? Maybe YES YES YES? YES Um?
Item on Duel Desks scarf milkshake bird w/perch statue w/choc gilded leaf umbrella picture of Tokiko and Mamiya
Dueling Outfit Style OK, purple nifty, dark blue OK, dark red pffft (dark green) nifty, black OK, brown school uniform (blue)
Are they Cute? Not really YES YES Um... ask Dave maybe Err..
Has No Choice but to Revolutionize the World? YES YES YES YES YES YES Maybe?

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