Ben's Pictures from on and around Spring Break 1999.

Pictures of Conni

  • Conni with a kitty riding on her shoulder.
  • Apparently Tracy, holding the camera, made Conni and me giggle.
  • Apparently Tracy, holding the camera, made Conni and me dance?
  • Isis, Conni's kitty, stretches on the floor and is exceedingly cute.
  • Conni reclines on the bed and is exceedingly cute. ^_-

    Pictures of other DaPper people

  • At Denny's: Adam looking evil in an inexcusable shirt and dark glasses, ford looking evil with glowing red eyes, and Rhiannon.
  • Adam and Ford continue their evil plotting, while Jay(GBob) takes the opportunity to steal the ketchup.

    Pictures of random UNC-CH CS people

  • Chris Dwyer hefts his sturdy pewter mug while Zac Kohn looks on.
  • Andy Wilson sits behind his desk playing the evil genius quite well.

    Pictures of random Carolina Otaku Uprising people

  • The Rev. Dr. David Francis Smith strikes a pose, while in the background, Minister of Propaganda, attempts to catch 'em all.
  • Phil Lee, our co-immortal leader, is caught in the headlights, while we happily watch the Eternal Legend of Bluescreen.

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