Kirin's Gratuitous Web Links to Suck Up your Time

Web Comic Stuffs

Sluggy Freelance Daily Random fun, adventure, and parody. Has long story arcs.
Sinfest Daily Canonical "edgy" webcomic. Like Calvin and Hobbes with swearing.
Bob and George x Adventures with Megaman sprites (ended, other comics on site)
Doonesbury Daily The syndicated comic
Something Positive Daily Biting wit. Dripping sarcasm. Melting kitty. (Adult-ish)
Ozy and Millie x Critters, mostly over. Author was writing Raine Dog, but that seems to be on hold for Girl
MegaTokyo ??? Manga-style strip now tends towards long shoujou-esque stories.
Errant Story MWF Because Exploitation Now ended and stuff. Also ended. "Does Not Play Well With Others" now.
Girly x Highly nonsequitous hijinks from the guy who used to write Wendy. Now ended.
Girl Genius MWF Studio Foglio's awesome gaslamp fantasy. See also Myth (TuThSa) and What's New (Su), and Buck Godot (finished)
xkcd MWF Stick figures, romance, and higher mathematics.
Anti-Hero for Hire MF Superhero parody from author of Spoony RPG parody Adventurers! (ended)
8-bit Theater var Ended, but other comics running on site.
Little Gamers var South Park meets Hello Kitty art style. Gaming oriented.
Foxtrot Su The syndicated comic
ISOMETRIC Rare Existential philosophy and nonsense from cubes.
Pokey the Penguin Rare Surrealist cult classic, variably updated.
Also... Three Panel Soul, The Devil's Panties, Bunny, PhD Comics, Kinoko Fry, Johnny Wander,
Furthermore... Clone Manga, Dresden Codak, Kiwis By Beat (Mo), Nobody Scores, Strange Candy (Th), Applegeeks, VG Cats
and Likewise... Darths and Droids, Awkward Zombie, Hark! A Vagrant, Bear & Kittin, Chester5k (nsfw), Lovelace & Babbage,
Occasionally... Dragon Tails Nice Hair, No Pink Ponies, Two Lumps, Chugworth Academy, A Modest Destiny, Sum, The Missing Panels, User Friendly,
Finished/Dead/Hiatus Pixel (hiatus?), Super Squid, Perry Bible Fellowship (retired), Truck Bearing Kibble (?), Spamusement (ended-ish), RPG World (hiatus?), Mac Hall (ended), Marry Me (ended-ish), Kid Radd (ended), Sexy Losers (ended), DM of the Rings (ended), Minus World (dead), Chainmail Bikini (died), Listening to 11.975MHz (changed),

Other Random Stuffs

Games Are Fun Console gaming news. Alas, The GIA is dead.
Also, Rev Smith's rantings therein, or even Gameforms
Toastyfrog/Gamespite Random stuff from a sarcastic frog. Also see his 1up blog.
Anime News Network what it sounds like
The Rainforest Site Buy up rainforest land by clicking
LiveJournal one of the better online journal/community sites.
RinkWorks Home of Computer Stupidities. Random things updated randomly.
Nation-States a little simulation game
GameFaqs Video game question? Answer is here.
Eric Conveys an Emotion infrequently updated
Astronomy Pic of the Day pretty
Zany Video Game Quotes back up on a new server (yet again). A winner is you!
Seti at Home that thing to use up spare cycles...
COUP home page Local anime club
TKEP silly obsessiveness. and chat.
MacOS Rumors for those following Apple developments
Lulz: I Can Has Cheezburger? (fail, pund, fix, buff, unrl, spec, hack, win, iron, fb, anim, etc), HaLolz, LolBots, Superest, Uglorable!, The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats,
Also... Woot!, Facebook, Due Fuimi Suiko, NeoGAF, Into The Score, SSBB Dojo, Nurikabe (unupdated), TKEP geek sheet, Will It Blend?, FF12 Bestiary, Medical reviews of House, My LibraryThing, My Backloggery, Blank Top Chronicles (dead), Konami Stars (dead), ,
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