The BOGUS Linux Release

NOTE: Version 1.0.1 of BOGUS was released in October 1994 and has not been updated since that time. BOGUS is historically significant for the Linux community because it was the first Linux distribution that featured a "pristine source" package management system. While other distributions have adopted "pristine source" management, BOGUS may still be the only distribution that uses a single final build to create the whole distribution.

The BOGUS Linux Release, version 1.0.1, is now available for ftp. BOGUS is an unsupported, ftp-able distribution targeted at competent Linux hackers who want a stable development system. If you do not have experience developing, installing, and maintaining a Linux system, BOGUS is probably not for you.

BOGUS is a "bootstrapping" release: all of the patches needed to compile the complete system are provided, including explicit instructions on how we did the compilation. Indeed, the final build was totally automatic, and required the user to invoke a single command.


Doug Hoffman, Kevin E. Martin, and Rik Faith started designing BOGUS in October 1993. Our Package Management System (pms) was fully operational in December 1993, and we had an alpha release (Version 0.1) ready in January 1994. Version 1.0 was released in July 1994 and Version 1.0.1 was released in October 1994.

Where to get BOGUS

The following ftp sites were official mirror sites for the BOGUS release (but may no longer be operational):

[*] While all users are welcome, users outside Scandinavia will probably not get very good throughput from


BOGUS 1.0.1 was available on the "Linux Plus BSD CD-ROM, Fall Supplement 2, November 1994" from Trans-Ameritech Systems for $19.95 (Send mail to for more information).

BOGUS 1.0.1 was available on the "Linux Developer's Resource 3-CD Set" from InfoMagic for $25.00 (Send mail to for more information).

BOGUS 1.0.1 was available on the "Linux Developers Kit" from Pacific HiTech for $29.95 (Send mail to for more information).

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