David Gallup, Ph.D.

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I now work for Google!

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I recently finished my PhD working with Marc Pollefeys (ETH) and Jan-Michael Frahm (UNC) on computer vision. My dissertation is on 3D reconstruction of large-scale urban environments using stereo. My research has focused on stereo algorithms which take advantage of urban scene structure for higher speed and quality. I have also developed stereo methods for video which guarantee constant depth resolution with minimal computational cost. These algorithms run on the GPU and are part of the first system for real-time 3D reconstruction from video.

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Piecewise Planar and Non-Planar Stereo Heightmap Model for Depthmap Fusion Real-Time CUDA (GPU) Stereo
Variable Baseline/Resolution Stereo Multi-Direction Plane Sweep Stereo Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction

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