Person First Language

Read about “Person First Language” and begin to use it in your posts and in our discussions. I don’t want to go overboard insisting on PC language but it is important to remember these are people we’re discussing.

Read: People First Language a commentary by Kathie Snow and The Language Used to Describe Individuals with Disabilities by John Folkins.

2 Responses to “Person First Language”

  1. Stephen Says:

    I definitely think it is important to not use the wrong language or words to describe those with developmental disabilities. It’s most important to understand these human beings and treat them just like you would treat a freind, neighbor, or close family member. Society hasn’t helped a lot in getting the disabled to be treated normally; we almost have made it worse for them with tags like “special education” or “disabled.” These two articles were very intriguing to find out that even myself, someone who really has no reason to talk rudley of the developmentally disabled, has been doing it his whole life. This revelation is really intriguing and makes you think about how your words may have hurt someone in the past. It’s quite a wake up call.

  2. Alyssa Says:

    To add on to what Stephen said, you do not realize until you are reading the article that the way you have been using this language your whole life is actually not the way you should be using it. It makes sense that you shouldn’t think of someone any different, especially use words that may single them out. The articles really helps you to understand the true concept of think before you speak. Understanding that words you dont mean to have any harm, can actually impact someone greatly.

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