Labeled Faces

We saw Temple Grandin labeling photos of faces depicting different emotions so she could learn to recognize them. For this assignment we are going to create a collection of faces labeled with emotions.

Flickr is a online picture repository that allows people to upload pictures they want to share. Some people select the Creative Commons license for their pictures; these are the ones we want. The following link will take you to a search page that will allow you to search for pictures with the license we want:

Emotions to include: happy, sad, confused, scared, angry, sleepy, surprised, disappointed, nervous.

Your mission is to find at least 6 pictures of faces for each emotion in our list. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for a Flickr account and add the pictures you find to a gallery for each emotion. I’ll demonstrate in class and you can read about it at the Gallery FAQ .

Submit the links to your galleries in a comment on this post. This assignment is due Thursday 28 October.

23 Responses to “Labeled Faces”

  1. dallara says:

    Here are my faces:

    Angry Faces

    Confused Faces

    Disappointed Faces

    Happy Faces

    Nervous Faces

    Sad Faces

    Scared Faces

    Sleepy Faces

    Surprised Faces

  2. AlexandraA says:

    I didn’t realize that you can’t save your own photos into a gallery, so my photos are in sets. I think it’s still the same concept though.