Respond to Sound and Fury

Think about the issues in Sound and Fury and respond with the equivalent of (at least) one page of text. I want a short paper with an introduction, a body, and an conclusion. There is no need to format it, plain text is fine. I’m more interested in your take on the issues than on the video itself.

Carefully consider your response and be respectful.

Send email to me with your response. This is due before class on Thursday.

Here are some quotes from the video that struck me, feel free to use any of them or ignore them.

My children are just like me. Who wouldn’t want that?

I learned sign language and that is when my life began.

If Heather is implanted she won’t be part of the deaf world or the hearing world.

All speaking program. No one that uses sign language.

When I heard Peter was deaf I was happy. If she doesn’t want the baby because he’s deaf, I’ll take him.

Your family and friends are deaf, how does it feel that you’re the only family with an implant?

Forget hearing people!

I want an implant because hearing people don’t sign.

At this school they teach using speech.

Heather, why don’t you sign. The interpreter will speak. Sign the story, its your language. I want to speak.

What do you think the parents of the hearing child thought of Heather reading?

Why doesn’t she use sign language? They feel sometimes children may use it as a crutch.

She’s not allowed to sign.

Don’t you want the best?

You don’t accept deafness. You don’t accept me.

To be honest, sometimes I feel limited.

You’re such a lousy daughter. Who wouldn’t love her child they way he is?

You feel that deaf people are inferior!

When he grows up his parents can ask him if he wants the implant.

Can the implant kill Deaf Culture?

Deaf Culture is wonderful.

I want the best for my child.

If I didn’t know you, I’d say you were an abusing parent.

They’re hurting their children.

I don’t think she knows she’s deaf.

What do you mean normal?

Deaf schools stink. I don’t want that for him. You think deaf people are behind.

You should love your child. Don’t destroy his emotional life. He’s a beautiful natural deaf baby.

I come here to the Deaf world and I feel safe.

Did you notice the juxtaposition of the Deaf Child Area and the Dead End signs?

You told me you decided. We decided together. We agreed.

BTW, I don’t think there is any scientific evidence that allowing children to sign impairs their speech. The more children communicate the better off they are.

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