Assigned: 7 September 2004 Due: 15 September 2004


The goal of this assignment is to get familiar with the SPIM Simulator, by actually running a program written in the MIPS Assembly Language. Don’t worry if you’ve never seen an assembly program. An example program will be provided to you, and you will be asked to make a simple modification to it.

Install the SPIM Simulator on your personal machine or find a machine that already has it installed. (The ATN machines and the PCs in the PC Lab of Sitterson Hall (room 030) have it in the PCSpim program group.)

Now, save the program linked here in a file and load it into the simulator. Run it! Do you see the output?

Use any text editor to modify the fourth line of the program, by changing the string 1234 to the last four digits of your student ID number. (Make sure they are inside the double-quote marks.) Run the modified program. Do you see a different output? Write down the output which will be part of your submitted answer.

You are encouraged to browse Appendix A of the textbook to learn about what this program is doing.


Your answer will consist of two lines. In the first line, write your COMPLETE student ID number without the dash. (This will help in recording your grades in the future too!) In the second line, write down the output you saw AFTER YOU MODIFY the example program. Here is an example:


Submit your answer via the digital drop box by the beginning of class on the due date.

7 September 2004