Comp 236 Spring 2002

MW 11:00-12:15 Sitterson 011

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Reading Assignment 1: Read the Sutherland papers ("Ultimate Display", "Head-mounted display") handed out in class. Send email to with a short, plain text, summary of the papers by Wednesday 23 January.

Gammatool demo code

Audio FFT demo code

Image FFT demo code

Aliased and Antialiased Dot demo code

Reading Assignment 2: Read "A Characterization of Ten Hidden-Surface Algorithms" by Sutherland, Sproull, and Shumacker. Choose one object-space method and one image-space method from the ten. Write a paper, in the form of a web page, describing how your chosen methods work. Compare and contrast your two methods with each other and with the Z-buffer (their "brute force") algorithm. You'll get to implement two of these later so study them with that in mind. Due 6 February.

Programming Assignment 1 due 11 February.

The great paper by Harris that I mentioned in class. It's on using the FT for signal analysis.

A crude skeleton for getting pixels on the screen with OpenGL.

Programming Assignment 2 due 4 March

Programming Assignment 3 due 20 March

Programming Assignment 4 due 8 April

Project Ideas


Projective Image Warps

3d display links

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