Lab 1

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Due Friday 9 September at the beginning of lab

Your task is to go through this UNIX tutorial and try all of the examples and exercises embedded within the tutorial. You must finish this before the beginning of the lab on 9 September. Specifically, do the following:


  • Familiarize yourself with logging in onto the department’s server (, and transferring files between your computer and the server, using SecureCRT, or SSH/SFTP Secure Shell. (These tools may be downloaded for free from Another free alternative that does not require registration is Putty available from here.
  • Go through the entire tutorial and try all of the UNIX commands described doing all the exercises. [Note: For part 5.1-5.2 of the tutorial, that AFS file permissions override the basic UNIX file permissions; therefore, as mentioned in class, using the chmod command will not yield expected results. Discussion of AFS is beyond the scope of this tutorial; you are welcome to browse the reference to AFS listed in part 5.1 if you are interested.]
  • Compile and run the sample software (units-1.74) included with the tutorial, as discussed in part 7. Run it with the sample input given in part 7.6, and also use it to do the following: convert “8 feet” to “metres” (note spelling).

What to submit

Submit the output obtained by running the units-1.74 software on the two sample inputs. Submit hardcopy at the beginning of lab on Friday, 9 September.