Lab 2 Editing, Compiling, and Running C Programs

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Due Friday 16 September 2011 before class starts.

Your task is to go through this Lab 2 tutorial and try all of the examples and exercises embedded within the tutorial. You must finish this lab and submit your report by the beginning of class on 16 September.

What to submit: Submit a short report (less than a page) containing the following:

  • Exercise 1: Give a 1-sentence answer to the last question in Exercise 1 (what happens when you placed 3 different radius values in
  • Exercise 2: Test the last part of Exercise 2 (i.e., modify the program so it takes input in centimeters but displays the result in square inches) using two different values for the radius: 5 cm and 8 cm. Show its output.
  • Exercise 3: Run the program with the following four inputs and show the output produced: 1.69, 5.5, 9, and -2. Explain in one sentence what happened in the last case.
  • Exercise 4: Write a 1-sentence description of what you think each of the following programs do: define.c, overflow.c, and sizes.c. (Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand the purpose of anatomy.c, but do try to follow and understand its syntax.)

How to submit: From now on, you will be submitting your lab reports via Blackboard (unless directed otherwise). Please upload a plain text or PDF file.