Gary Bishop

F06 Images Graphics Vision

A rather mathematical course on the fundamentals of sensing, representing, and displaying objects and sensing and analyzing images of objects.

Instructor: Gary Bishop,, SN255, 962–1886.

Meeting: Monday/Wednesday 2:00 – 3:15 in SN011

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28 August Overview
30 August Sensing, Image formation, TV, X-Ray
04 September Labor Day
06 September Camera Math: Projection
11 September Convolution
13 September Fun with Matlab
18 September Vision
20 September Vision continued
25 September Yet more on vision
27 September Intro to FT, Matlab code and diary for the demo
02 October More FT
04 October FT pairs, FT of images, 2D FT, image demo, resizing images
09 October FT edge issues, dct, physical origin of bandlimits (diary)
11 October reconstruction, gamma correction, shapes, what’s wrong with FT
16 October dither, FT Alternatives
18 October No class
23 October Midterm review, Filters Explained
25 October Midterm exam
30 October Midterm review
01 November Parameterized Curves, Hermite, Bezier, Your own, B-Spline
06 November More on curves, blending functions, B-Splines, surfaces, normals
08 November Rotations
13 November PCA and SVD, Matlab code
15 November
20 November Illumination and Shading
22 November Thanksgiving Recess
27 November Drawing Lines
29 November Land’s Mondrian Demo
04 December More on local representations
06 December Semester Review


Assigned Due Assignment
8 September 18 September F06 Camera Calibration
2 October 16 October F06 Fun With Sines
9 October 23 October F06 Fun With Fourier Transforms
1 November 20 November F06 Splines Aliasing And Principal Components

Assigned Readings

28 August Coggins 2.1–2.2.1, Foley 11.1–11.3, Pizer, Siddiqi, Yushkevich 2.1,2.3,2.4
13 September Pizer and Romeny 1991, Fundamental Properties of Medical Image Perception
18 September Foley 14.10
27 September Smith chapter 8
9 October Foley 11
11 October Excerpts from Front-End Vision and Multi-Scale Image Analysis
8 November A tutorial on Principal Component Analysis by Jon Shlens
8 November Animating Rotation with Quaternion Curves by Ken Shoemake.

Other helpful readings.

F06 Images Graphics Vision Poop

F06 Final Exam