Comp 236, Assignment 2

This applet allows you to interactively fly through a set of points. Use these keys:

Movement Key
Forward Up arrow
Backward Down arrow
Turn left Left arrow
Turn right Right arrow
Pitch down (Dive!) W
Pitch up (Pull up!) S
Roll left A
Roll right D
Last movement againMouse click

NOTE: To get the arrow keys to work (esp in Netscape), you may have to click on the applet window with the mouse once. From then on the arrow keys should work. (Netscape then knows to send the arrow key events to the applet, instead of handling them itself.)

Some of this code was borrowed from Leonard McMillan's code, which he has made available as part of assignments for Comp 136. Part of the code was also adapted from example applets provided by Sun with their JDK.

Known Bugs: I do not clip against z or w, only x and y, so if you fly through the cube, it will reflect and appear in front of you again, and all your controls will do unexpected things. It will be fixed when I have to do real clipping, with shaded triangles.

Last modified: Feb 4, 1997. Aron Helser