Info Icons

closeup.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 Magnify, Zoom, Scaled
disk.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 FTP file link
doc.gif WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=11 Document link
earth.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 External link
form.gif WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=11 Fill-out-form link
ftpdir.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 Directory listing
help.gif WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=11 Help Link
inform.gif WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=11 Information Link
list.gif WIDTH=12 HEIGHT=11 List of links
mailto.gif WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=10 mailto: link
movie.gif WIDTH=13 HEIGHT=11 Movie link
news.gif WIDTH=13 HEIGHT=11 Newsgroup link
note.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 Note link
picture.gif WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=11 Image link
private.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=10 Restricted area link
qbblnksm.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 Blank smiley template
qbsidesm.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 Side smiley
qbsmile.gif WIDTH=11 HEIGHT=11 Smiley
script.gif WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=11 Script link
scrolldo.gif WIDTH=9 HEIGHT=11 Scroll down
scrollup.gif WIDTH=9 HEIGHT=11 Scroll up
sound.gif WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=11 Audio link
speed0.gif WIDTH=4 HEIGHT=11 Tiny file
speed1.gif WIDTH=4 HEIGHT=11 Small file
speed2.gif WIDTH=4 HEIGHT=11 Medium file
speed3.gif WIDTH=4 HEIGHT=11 Big file
speed4.gif WIDTH=4 HEIGHT=11 Huge file
telnet.gif WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=11 Telnet link
vr.gif WIDTH=15 HEIGHT=11 VRML / Java link
Most of these info icons (AKA QBullets) courtesy of Matterform Media