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Baby-juggling patterns

This is a silly name I have given to patterns in which there is a ball (the "baby") that only ever is thrown as a 1 or 2. It doesn't have to be a baby; I have seen it performed with a monkey, and also with Barry Friedman of the Raspyni Brothers (who had reached his majority).

The baby-juggling pattern is 52512. This one is kind on the baby in that it has two 2s in between each 1, and is the one actually performed with babies. It's also a reasonably good stepping-stone to learning 5.

The corresponding patterns with more balls are 7272712, 929292912, and so on.

A slightly easier 3-ball (1-baby) baby-juggling pattern is the multiplex
(2,[2x 2]) ([22],6x) ([2x 2],2) (6x,[22]).
(The second half is just the mirror reflection of the first.) Slightly easier for the juggler, that is - the baby is now thrown every other throw, rather than every third.

Continuing the trend of child abuse is the shower-box (4,2x)(2x,4). Between this formulation and the more infant-friendly 612 is a continuum in which the juggler and baby can come to an agreement.
The multiplex above can be squashed into the small package [31]. This one is extremely unnatural to most jugglers, and is only recommended if Barry Friedman really needs to be burped.

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