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4. Some examples

20	Holding one ball in one hand, none in the other. (You wouldn't have
	complained had it turned out our notation didn't encompass this case!)
31	The 2-ball shower.
42	Two in one hand, holding one in the other.
423	The "half-shower-box"? One ball hops back and forth (the 3), while
	another one on each side just hops up and down.
441	A great pattern, still not known as well as it deserves to be. 
	It is sometimes done as a club trick, with the handoff (the 1) 
	done behind the back.
4413	Discussed above.
4440	3 out of a 4-fountain.
51	The 3-shower.
501	My proudest invention. Two balls, each going 1,5,1,5 as if they were 
	in a 3-shower, except in opposite directions. Start it with both in
	the same hand. Very useful for bringing people up to 5-speed (but not
        accuracy). (I lay claim to the invention of this one only because the
        people I knew searching for patterns by computer forbade 0s.)
52512	The baby-juggling pattern. Two balls doing 5s, the baby going 1,2,2,
	1,2,2,1,2,2 forever.
53	The 4-ball half-shower.
531	A somewhat tricky three ball pattern, filling in the hole in 501.
5313	An asymmetric version of the above.
55500	The "flash", 3 out of 5.
50505	The "snake", 3 out of 5.
5551	A sneaky 4-ball pattern, where one hand doesn't know it isn't doing 5.
55514	A much prettier pattern, where three of the balls are always doing 5's,
	and the other one is sneaking underneath going 1,4,1,4 forever.
450	A very goofy 3-ball pattern; "A complete waste of a 5-ball juggler."
453	A very pretty 4-ball pattern, particularly with the 4's outside.
55550	The active way to do 4 out of 5.
552	The lazy way to do 4 out of 5.

633	61616	642	6424	66661	56414	645	661515	71
771	777171	723	7272712	723	75751	7562		7161616
70701	7531	741	714	7571	67561	17170170	801

(4x,2x)				the synchronous 3-ball shower
(6x,2x)				the synchronous 4-ball shower
(6,6)(6,2)		The easy synchronous 3-in-one-hand, 2-in-the-other
(6,4)				The much harder one
(8,2x)(4,2x)(2x,8)(2x,4)	Dan Bennett's amazing 4-ball box
(6x,2x)(2x,6x)			A much easier kind of 4-ball box
(4x,2x)(4,2x)(2x,4x)(2x,4)	the "double box"
(6x,2)(6,2x)(2,6x)(2x,6)	a really nice pattern - check it out!
		kind of a synchronous 61616 but with only two 6's on each side.

24[45]		rather difficult, as the 4 tends to collide with the pattern.
25[65]2		a bit easier
25[75]51	a very fun variant of 75751
...717171 21[75]1 717171...
		the multiplex in the middle of showering 4

And for my last trick, a synchronous multiplex!

([62],2) (6x,[22]) (2,[62]) ([22],6x)

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