DiGrassi, His True Arte of Defence

Showing how a man without other Teacher or Master may safelie handle all sortes of Weapons.
(Names in square brackets denote the person who has voluteered to transcribe that portion of the work. If an anchor has a name after it, it is in progress. If an anchor has no name after it, it is complete)
The Preface
The Epistle Dedicatorie
The Authors Epistle unto divers Noble men and Gentle-men
The Author, to the Reader
An Advertisement to the curteous reader
The First Part
The true Art of Defence
Of the Sword
Of Paces; Of wardes
The Single Rapier (pg E-F)
The Rapier and Dagger (pg F-H)
The Rapier and Cloake (pg H-I)
Of the Sworde and Buckler (pg I-K)
Of the Sworde & Target, called the Square Target (pg K-L)
Of the Sword and rounde Target (pg L-M)
Of the Case of Rapyers (pg M-O)
Of the Two hand Sword (pg O-P)
Of the weapons of the Staffe, namely, the Bill, the Partisan, the Holbert, and the Javelin (pg P-Q)
Of the Pike (pg Q-R)
The Second Part
Falsing of Blowes or Thrusts (pg Aa)
Deceits or Falsings of the Single Sword, or Single Rapier (pg Aa)
Of Sword and dagger, or Rapier and dagger (pg Aa-Bb)
Of Sword and Cloke, or Rapier and Cloke (pg Bb)
Of Sword and buckler, Square Target and round Target (Bb-Cc)
Of the falses of the two Swordes: or Rapiers (pg Cc-Dd) [Patrick]
The Defenses of the two Hand sword. (pg Dd)
Of the Partesan, Bil, Javelin and Holberde (pg Dd-Ee) [Tom]
How a man by privat practise may obtain strength of bodie therby (pg Ee-Finis)

This version is incomplete. A complete version (produced by OCR then edited by a human) can be found at Don Danulf's page. I am also aware of one abridged/rewritten and heavily glossed version, at kismeta.com.
This is an electronic version copied from a facsimilie of the original text. Work undertaken during August/September 1996 (AS 31). Contributors are Patrick Swanson (Elric Dracwin) and Tom Hudson (Giovan Donato). Jennie Radovsky (Kerdych Goch) scanned the images during October 1997 (AS 32).