To the Right Honorable my singular good lord, Robert Earle of Essex and Ewe, Viscount Hereford, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourghchier and Louain, Master of the Queenes Majseties horse, Knight of the most noble order of the Garter, and one of her Highnesse most honorable Privie Councell.

Having of late, (right Honorable) compiled this simple Discourse, of managing weapons, and dealing in honorable Quarrels (which I esteem an Introduction to Martiall affayres) I have thought good to dedicate the same unto your Honor, as unto him whose bountie most bindeth me: whose valour inforceth all soldiers to acknowledge you the English Achilles: whose favouring good literature celebrateth your name for the students Mecenas: whose benigne potection and provision for strangers, maketh you reported off as theyr safe sanctuary. This work, I must needs confesse, is farre unworthie your Lordships view, in regard eyther of method or substance: and being much unperfecter than it shoulde have beene, if I had had copie of English to have expressed my meaning as I would. But I humbly beseech your good Lordship to accept this Booke, howsoever it be, as a new yeeres gifte proceeding from a minde most dutifully affected towards you, that wisheth and prayeth, that your Honour may injoy many good and prosperous yeres: and it is presented by him that is and will be readie everie yere, daie, and houre to live and die at your Lordships foot to do you service.

Your Honors in all dutifulnes,
Vincentio Saviolo.