UNC Image-Based Rendering
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Gary Bishop ,   Nick EnglandHenry FuchsAnselmo LastraLeonard McMillanLars Nyland,   John Poulton

Graduate Students

Chad Hantak, Kok-Lim Low, Nathaniel Williams

Former Graduate Students

Chun-Fa Chang,   Brent Insko,   David McAllister,   Chris McCue,   Bill Mark,   Arun NeelamkavilManuel Oliveira,   Voicu Popescu,   Paul Rademacher,   Josh Steinhurst, William Wynn

External Collaborators

Professor David Luebke, and graduate students Rui Wang, and Cliff Woolley at the University of Virginia.

See also...

Telecollaboration Project (UNC & other STC universities)
Walkthrough Project (look for Dynamic Texture Simplification)

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