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MSL Conference Room

The next data set is from a small conference and coffee break room (shown in figures 10 and 11). It has several bookshelves, a white-board, a small cabinet with a sink and a meeting table in the center. The tabletop is dark plastic laminate, and returns very little data, thus only the viewable portions of the chairs around the table can be seen. The chromed light fixtures, despite their high reflectivity, seem to be visible to the rangefinder.

Figure 10: View showing the entire MSL conference room. The scanning latitudes can be seen at the close end of the ceiling. Note the author standing in the far corner of the room.

Figure 11: View showing a break in the ceiling where the counter-clockwise scans meet the clockwise scans, showing the seam where data is missing due to errors in the panning unit.

Lars S. Nyland