UNC Image-Based Rendering
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Reshading Images

A triangular mesh of the scene is reconstructed from a set of reference images, and used for shadow computation. The algorithm uses hardware z-buffer as shadow buffer. The shadow computation is linear in the number of reference images, and once the mesh is reconstructed it is reused until the relative position among objects changes.

Adding Shadows to an Image

Using a Single Reference Image

The upper left image was used as input for the reshading process. The other three images were obtained projecting shadows cast by a virtual light that is moved around. Notice the shadows on the hat, face, and shoulders and finger.

Using Multiple Reference Images

Two different reference views of the same object.

Computing shadows using the two reference views.

Two extra reference views to provide more details for the tip and the handle.

Final shadow obtained from the four reference images.

Related Publication

Oliveira, Manuel M. and Gary Bishop. Dynamic Shading in Image-Based Rendering, UNC Computer Science Technical Report TR98-023, University of North Carolina, May 31, 1998.
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