A Benchmark Coder for Polygon Mesh Compression

Martin Isenburg      Pierre Alliez       Jack Snoeyink

We offer an easily accessible online Web implementation and a downloadable standalone version of our Polygon Mesh Compressor in pure Java. This software is meant to provide benchmark bit-rates for future research in the area of mesh compression. It compresses not only the connectivity (conn) and geometry (geom) of a polygon mesh, but also one optional layer of texture coordinates. This is accomplished by compressing the texture coordinate mapping (texmap) and the texture coordinate values (texval). Hence, our compressor provides those four benchmark rates: conn, geom, texmap, and texval.


  • Polygon Mesh Benchmark Compressor (the online version of our compression software)
  • models_poly/ (a directory with polygon models in vrml format)
  • models_poly_tex/ (a directory with textured polygon models in vrml format)
  • models_arch_tex/ (a directory with a textured archeological models in vrml format)

  • download:

  • pmc.zip (the standalone version of our compression software, updated: 20-dec-02)
  • models_poly_wrl.zip (set of polygon models in vrml format)
  • models_poly_tex_wrl.zip (set of textured polygon models in vrml format)
  • slides: cpmpm.ppt ctcslp.ppt bcraf.ppt cpmcddp.ppt cpmgpp.ppt

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