Removing an Internet Explorer Security Exception

Most likely you are reading this page because a security exception in the Internet Explorer prevents you from loading your VRML models (e.g. or some remote URL) into the Polygon Mesh Compressor. In the following we desribe what you need to change in your browser settings to avoid this exception.

step 1: Open the "Internet Options..." that are in the "Tools" tab as shown below.

step 2: Go to the "Security" tab and open the "Custom Level..." for the Internet content zone as shown below.

step 3: Find the entry "Microsoft VM" in the list of settings and select "Custom" for its "Java Permissions". Then open the "Java Customs Settings..." as shown below.

step 4: Select "Edit Permissions" and enable "Access to all Network Addresses" under "Additional Unsigned Permissions" of the "Unsigned Content" section as shown below. Then click "OK" or "Yes" or "Close" until all pop-up windows are gone.

step 5: Restart the browser. Refresh the content by pressing the "Refresh" button while holding the "SHIFT" and the "CTRL" key.

step 6: Load your VRML model (or some remote URL) into the Polygon Mesh Compressor. It should work now.