COMP 190-088


Instructor: Jasleen Kaur

Location: SN 325

Time: Mon & Wed, 11:00 - 12:15 pm
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Office Hours: By appointment.

Class Mailing List: comp190-088@cs.unc.edu

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Prerequisite: COMP 142

Recommended Books:

Computing systems have become an integral part of most facets of our daily lives; whether it is the economy, health care, science and technology, or home conveniences. Our increasing dependence on software applications, hardware devices, and distributed computing systems underscores the need for these systems to perform well. Systems Performance Analysis refers to the field of understanding/estimating the expected performance of a system, as a function of its usage. This course will focus on the fundamental concepts needed in conducting performance analysis and apply these in several case studies. Specific goals for the course include:
  1. Introduction of concepts in
    • System Modeling
    • Measurement Techniques
    • Experimental Design
    • Workload Design
    • Simulations
    • Data Analysis and Visualization

  2. Familiarization with tools that can be used to monitor/profile systems, analyze data, and present results. This goal will be achieved through brief tutorials, assignments and projects. Examples of target applications to be analyzed include:
    • a web server (apache),
    • a database server (mysql),
    • a game server (quake), and
    • a video player (mpeg).

  3. Familiarization with performance analysis practices in the research and industrial communities. This goal will be achieved by:
    • Reviewing research papers from published literature on performance analysis
    • Scheduling guest lectures by industrial performance analysts.

COMP 142 is a prerequisite for this course.