Jeeves Core Servlets

The Jeeves servlet architecture is very flexible, and the server takes advantage of this by dividing up its work among several core servlets.

File Servlet

The File servlet provides the standard document serving capabilites of Jeeves. This servlet includes a caching mechanism to speed up response times for frequently accessed files. In addition, it recognizes files that are to be parsed for server side includes and passes them on to the SSInclude Servlet.

Invoker Servlet

The purpose of this servlet is to invoke other servlets which are explicitly requested by name, i.e. http://<server-host-name>/servlet/<servlet-name>.

SSInclude Servlet

This servlet parses server side include files (files with a .html extension), and invokes any servlets referenced in the HTML. The results returned from the servlets are embedded into the HTML file, which is then returned to the requestor.

The HTML syntax for the embedded servlet tag is:

<SERVLET CODE="MyPackage.MyServletClass" NAME_1="VALUE_1" ... NAME_N="VALUE_N">
where NAME_1 through NAME_N are the names of any parameters you would like to send to the servlet, and VALUE_1 through VALUE_N are the values for those parameters. These parameters are passed to the servlet in a hashtable.

Any servlet which services server side includes must implement the sun.server.http.Filter interface, which defines a single method:

public void service(InputStream in, OutputStream out, Hashtable params)

Admin Servlet

The Admin servlet facilitates administration of the Jeeves server through a GUI front end.


This servlet acts as a gateway for the CGI 1.1 interface. This servlet allows any program that utilizes the CGI 1.1 standard to operate under Jeeves. For more information on CGI see the NCSA documentation.


This servlet implements server-side imagemaps, utilizing an extension of standard NCSA mapfiles. A serer-side imagemap is specfied as follows in an HTML file:
<A HREF="http://<server-host-name>/imagemap/<map-file-name>">
<IMG SRC="<image-file>" ISMAP>
Imagemap files may reside anywhere an HTML document can reside. Imagemap files are in standard NCSA format (see the NCSA Imagemapping Tutorial for a description). In addition to standard NCSA features, Jeeves supports the following additions:
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