A Strategic Method for Writing

John B. Smith

Catherine F. Smith

Copyright 1987 by John B. Smith and Catherine F. Smith.

All rights reserved.


We hope you find the on-line version of A Strategic Method for Writing useful. It is a process-oriented method based on cognitive and problem-solving principles. It includes techniques for analyzing the rhetorical context for a document, planning and drafting the document, and refining it for presentation. The discussions are concise and highly structured to help the reader see the method whole and to simplify the writing process as much as possible.

In is current form, the Strategic method is oriented toward producing conventional paper documents. We are working on a revision that will be oriented toward producing WWW-based documents that are expected to be accessed and read on-line.

You will find e-mail anchors at the end of all sections; if you have comments or suggestions, we would like to hear from you.


John B. Smith
Catherine F. Smith

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