New Machine Plan (Oct. 98)

In an effort to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the
new machines and what's going to happen, here's my effort to document
"the plan".  Please read it over, correct any mistakes or raise any

We received 11 (12?) new machines.  Of these, 1 goes to Bert and 1
goes to Kevin, leaving 9(10?) for the lab.  In addition 4 of them
will, eventually (end of semester), simply replace daffy, elmer,
roadrunner, and petunia.  So that really means we are getting 5(6?)
new machines.  

1 machine has already been assigned the name "tyagi" and is Michele's
development machine.  

3 machines will (at some point, but not soon) replace sam, topsecret,
and yosemite.

1 machine will be new development machine for David to use.

All of the new machines will be set up with 2.2.7 using *NEW* names
and IP addresses.  When we are ready to swap out current machines,
we'll handle those configuration changes as a separate issue (though a
pre-reconfiguration 'tar' is HIGHLY encouraged.)

Here are a list of ip addresses/names and their assignments:

2 brand new development machines:
---------------------------------  tyagi137        - Michele's development machine.  goldberg137     - David's development machine.

The 4 machines that will replace 200MHz machines:
-------------------------------------------------  krishnan137     - Michele's 290 machine (then daffy) 
                                (needs another 2 ether)  ginger137       - Will eventually replace roadrunner  gilligan137     - Will eventually replace petunia  maryann137      - Will eventually replace elmer
                                (needs another 2 ether)

Eventually to be swapped with sam, topsecret, yosemite:
-------------------------------------------------------  yako137         - sam  dot137          - topsecret (needs another Ether card)  wako137         - yosemite (needs two more ether)

Michele and her partner will be using krishnan for comp290 (under its
secret identity of krishnanP137 = and other
pseudonyms).  Ginger, gilligan, and maryann can be used as 2.2.7
traffic machines as soon as we like.  If anyone has a need to run 7
pairs of machines, now's the time (before the daffy, elmer, petunia,
and roadrunner disappear).  Yako, wako, and dot can be used for 2.2.7
development and continue to be used that when they get swapped in for
topsecret, yosemite, and sam.  topsecret, yosemite, and sam will
become experimental machines when they swap names with yako, wako, and

Short term plan:
Arun is working on a 2.2.7 boot floppy we can use.

Tyagi is set-up and the comp290 machines have been moved.

Michele will be setting up krishnan on the table closest to the other
class machines.  

David will set up goldberg next to sam and yako next to krishnan.
wako, dot, ginger, gilligan, maryann, and the mystery machine should
be setup on a table next to the racks (but that's 2 too many to share
through a switch box.  Guess those two have to keep their monitors?

Most of the machine switches will actually take place at the end of
the semester when a) Mikkel is gone, b) I'm done with experiments, and
c) we have to return the machines we've had on loan.


p.s. The mystery 12th machine will presumably be a development machine
that is unassigned.  It can be named: (, granny137 )

p.p.s. I assume it would be reasonable to do as Mikkel has already
done and swap the 17" monitors on sam, yosemite, topsecret for bigger
monitors (since some of the new machines are going to be on a switch

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Author: Mark Parris
Last updated: October 9, 1998