How to burn a CD

  1. Download the package mkisofs from and install it.
    pkg_add mkisofs-1.14.tgz
  2. Make an image of the directory tree you want to put on the CD:
    mkisofs -R -U -o parris.iso /net/buzzard/dirt/parris
    The option -R and -U are used to eliminate the limitations of the standard ISO 9660 file system. Although they are non-standard, they seem to work fine for FreeBSD (and probably for other OSes too). Without these two options, filenames are limited to 8 uppercase letters and another 3 letters for filename extension (like MSDOS format).
  3. Find a machine with a CD writer and use the following command:
    burncd -f <cd-device> data <imagefile.iso> fixate
    <cd-device> is usually /dev/acd0c.
  4. On SCSI system, use cdrecord instead of burncd
    cdrecord dev=device imagefile.iso
  5. Create a label for the case. cdlabelgen provides a particularly convenient way of doing this. For instance,
    cdlabelgen -c "FreeBSD 4.5" -s "Installation Disk (1/4)" | lpr

See FreeBSD handbook for more details:
Long Le

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