Andy -- the DatagLANce machine

Andy is now a multi-purpose OS/2 machine with a primary emphasis on real-time network monitoring/display, packet capture, and related analysis tasks. The memory has been increased to 32MB (to hold relatively long packet traces) and OS/2 WARP has been installed as a third boot option (with DOS 5.x and OS/2 2.11). To use the DatagLANce network monitoring software, boot OS/2 WARP. There is a hard copy DatagLANce manual with Andy but you will probably want to have a hands-on lesson or two from me before attempting to use it.

To use Andy for conventional networking tasks (such as FTP or telent), boot OS/2 2.11 (note that the TCP/IP initialization icon has been moved to the OS/2 desktop -- double click to start TCP/IP initialization). When using Andy for these tasks, be sure it is connected to the proper subnet (normally 152.2.137.x). The TAP tool can also be used as before when Andy is booted with OS/2 2.11.

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Author: Don Smith
Last updated: June 25, 1997