Running the Classic DiRT Demo

This document explains how to run the classic DiRT demo from the new rack configuration in the DiRT side of the CoLab. This demo demonstrates adaptive techniques for transmitting and receiving continuous media traffic over congested networks.

Machine and Network Configuration

These are the machines used in the demo. Verify that these machines are all attached to the same Token Ring.

opie  		capture
barney		display
andy		TAP-tool to observe net traffic 
		(optional but effective)
professor	traffic generator
ginger		traffic generator
gilligan	traffic generator

Running the demo

First, make sure you know how to use the Black Box monitor/keybd switchbox. Pressing [CTL] and then pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 (note: do not hold [CTL] down ... just press it) will switch you among the machines. The monitor should have labels for each machine connected to the associated switchbox.

Uncap the camera, turn on the television monitor (the camera is currently plugged into the VIDEO IN on the television, so make sure the tv is set to VIDEO and not TV), attach a CD player to the black Optima amplifier (or find a happy radio station), turn on both amplifiers (the black Optima is the source capture signal, and the silver Optima is the playback signal), and enter the TAP tool on andy.

Change into the "D:\DEMO\NEW\" directory on both opie and barney. Change into the "C:\TRAFFIC\" directory on the traffic generator machines.

Prepare the traffic generators by running "TRAFFIC". This program will wait for you to hit the SPACEBAR before generating actual net traffic.

Start the display program on barney by running "DISPLAY DEMO". The video playback monitor will go green momentarily, then barney will wait for data from opie. Barney defaults to using protocol 0 - vanilla UDP.

Start the capture program on opie by running "CAPTURE DEMO". Opie will prompt you to start the timing packets, and then will prompt you to begin the transfer.

Currently, andy is on a BlackBox switch with the traffic generators, so it is effective to leave andy's network traffic display on one monitor and barney's frame information on the other monitor.

Generate traffic by starting the traffic generators. Be sure to return to Andy's TAP screen to monitor traffic levels.

Switch between various adaptation protocols by pressing 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 on barney's keyboard.

Transfer Protocols

These are the demo transfer protocols which can be selected by pressing 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 on barney's keyboard.

0	- Vanilla UDP
1	- no queue monitoring
2	- queue monitoring
3	- aggressive queue monitoring
4	- no queue monitoring, packaging for audio

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Author: Jan Martin Borgersen
Last updated: June 25, 1997