Exporting FreeBSD filesystems to department machines

As more and more of us start using the /playpen spaces on the new
machines you may find it convenient to be able to access those
directories from department machines.  Do this as you find the need.
Here's how:


If the machine is not running an NFS server (mountd should be
running), configure for NFS: Use /stand/sysinstall, and c (configure),
6 (networking), and turn on the NFS server.  (I advise skipping the
step about editing /etc/exports at this point).

Once you have the nfs server running:

Edit /etc/exports and add a line like:

/playpen    buzzard 

Once you've done this, you need to restart the mount daemon.  

kill -1 `cat /var/run/mountd.pid`

Since the department machines generally run an automounter all you
have to do is login to the machine (buzzard) and:

cd /net//playpen 

and it will be there.

FTP will still be a MUCH faster way to move large files around but
this may offer some flexibility.  In particular, you can mount a fs on
buzzard and then use buzzard's tape drive to back it up without first 
transferring everything to buzzard.

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Author: Mark Parris
Last updated: November 4, 1998