Setting up a 4.1 machine

Installation (from CD-ROM):

* If you are not sure about some installation steps, go to FreeBSD Tutorials and look for the Installation Details. It helps in many cases.
* Skip kernel configuration and continue with installation.

* Use standard installation:
  - Choose standard installation.
  - Ok to fdisk alert.
  - Select drives (Spc) (at least the one where the OS will reside). Note: This is only when the PC has more than one hard disks.
  - Ok to alert (but note we do not use auto.)
  - Create (c) only one slice (use the entire hard disk and the use default type.) Confirm to use "true partition entry".
  - Quit (q).
  - Select Boot Manager. NOTE: This is the usual option. However, i recently
    ran into problems with it because the FreeBSD loader cannot load the
    kernel. If you have this problem, use the standard MBR (02/09/01 - Long).
  - Ok to partitioning alert.
  - Partition the hard disk (create them with (c)):
    /         128M
    /var      128M
    SWAP      640M (2.5 times the amount of memoery is a good rule of thumb.)
    /usr      all that's left
  - additional disks are partition as playpen space (mount points are /playpen1, /playpen2, and so forth.)
  - Quit (q).
  - In choose distibution select 8 User.
  - Yes to crypto.
  - Select crypto.
  - Port collection: say YES if you are installing a server and NO otherwise.
  - Exit.
  - Use CDROM ad the Installation Media.
  - Keep going after last change alert.

  (Creating file systems...)

  - See congratulation message, press OK.
  - Say yes to configure network interface(s).
  - Select network interface.
  - Say no to IPv6 installation.
  - Say no to DHCP installation.
  - Type in hostname, domain name, gateway, name server, IP address, netmask.
    Example:    hostname: maryann
                domain name:
                name server:
                IP address:
                net mask:
  - Configure host to be a leaf machine (not a router).
  - Configure host not to be a NFS server.
  - Configure host to be a NFS client.
  - Configure host not to allow anonymous FTP.
  - Say yes to System Console settings. Use Daemon as your Screen Saver.
  - Configure keyboard, mouse (test and accept if can see mouse move)
  - Say yes to linux_enable (NOTE: we do not remember where this option is and will update it at the next installation).
  - Configure timezone (no to UTC and select region 2,45,1).
  - Say no to installation for port collection.
  - Create root account, type in root password.
  - Exit to reboot.

DiRT setup:

* Add hostname into /etc/exports on tyagi (give mount permission to the new host). Restart the NFS server "kill -HUP `cat /var/run/" for csh or
"kill -SIGHUP `cat /var/run/" for bash.

* Get /usr/dirt/bin/init_dirt_4.1 from tyagi:
  - run it (it mount all out nfs directories including /usr/dirt.)

* Run the following scripts from /usr/dirt/bin:

  - add_pkgs_dirt_4.1 /usr/dirt/dist/pkgs_4.1.no_X

  - init_misc_4.1

  - add_dirt_users

  - install_firewall_4.1

  - install_kernel_4.1

  - VERY IMPORTANT: if you are planning to use this machine as production 
    machine with an ipfw tcp established tunnel, you need a DIRT kernel and
    its corresponding ipfw executable.

* UPDATE this part (X stuff,...)

Felix Hernandez
Last modified: Sat Nov 10 16:54:49 EST 2001