Lab Scheduling System

Sample Lab Scheduling Page


  1. The system requires a web server. Apache is the obvious choice in FreeBSD systems.
  2. The system also requires the following Perl modules: They can be downloaded from CPAN and their installation is straight- forward (i.e. untar, perl Makefile.PL, make, make test, make install). You can also find them in /usr/dirt/src/sched.
  3. Copy the cgi-bin program (/usr/dirt/src/sched/sched.cgi) in the cgi-bin directory of your web server, and make it executable with 'chmod 755 filename'. It must be own by root or nobody ('chown nobody filename'). You also have to create a directory called "db" and owned by "nobody" under the same cgi-bin directory. The database will reside on this new directory. If you plan to use more than one lab at the same time and from the same server, you need a different copy of these script for each lab, and a different database name.
  4. Adapt this script to your needs by modifying the parameters in the configuration section below.

You should set up a daily backup of the scheduling database using cron.


You just need to change the variables in the configuration section of the file:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Main Parameters

# year
$sched_year   = 2002;
# list of months (January is 1, February is 2, ...)
@sched_months = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

# name of database file
$sched_dbname = "s02";

# name of this CGI-bin script
$cgi_script = "sched.cgi";

# HTML configuration

# Warning: Unless you are using in-line files, 
#          you MUST escape double quotes and @ symbols here.

# Page title (browser window)
$html_title = "COMP 241 and COMP 249 Lab Reservations";

# Page title (in page)
$html_h1    = "COMP 241 and COMP 249 Lab Reservations (Spring 02)";

# Add here any extra information and links, 
# e.g., <A HREF=\"sched_245.cgi\">COMP 245 Schedule</A>
$html_subtitle = "";

# Contact person 
$html_contact = "<HR>Lab Administrator: <A HREF=\"mailto:aikat\\">Jay Aikat</a>";

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