Using the Group Mass Storage Account

From the mass storage info page: "The ITS mass storage system (also known as SAM-FS or /ms) is intended to be used for archiving files and storing very large files, files that are too large to fit in your ITS AFS quota."

We now have a group account in which to store our large (tens of GB) packet header traces, so that anybody with a need can add or access these traces.

To get access, you must first subscribe to the mass storage service. To do that, go to, follow the "subscribe to services" link, and follow the directions. Then, you will need to email your ONYEN to the colab administrator, who will coordinate with the administrators to add you to the group.

If you are the colab administrator, you should ask Steven Fishback to add the user to the "nettrace" group. If you aren't the colab administrator, don't try to cut him or her out of the loop, because Steven needs approval from the nettrace owner anyway.

After getting access, you can ssh to (using your ONYEN). You have your own personal mass storage space in ~/ms/, and the group account space is at /ms/depts/cs/nettrace.

Note (10/03/05): until Felix moves the traces to the group space, you should be able to access the traces at /ms/home/f/h/fhernand/.

Jeff Terrell 10/03/05