Dirt Lab Network Setup

About this document:

This document describes the DiRT lab networks. There are three sections which describe the lab from three different perspectives. The first section gives a logical overview of the network structure, and logical machine configuration. The second section discusses details of how to configure machines running the different operating systems to setup the logical structure described in section one. The final section discusses some of the hardware that makes up the lab and describes the current configuration.

I assume that the reader of this document is familiar with the concepts of IP, ARP, routing, and the domain name service (DNS). See Comer or Stevens (TCP/IP Illustrated) if you need info on these ideas.

This is a living document. That means that when things change in the lab's network setup, this document should be updated to reflect those changes. If you make a change you should update the document!

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Author: Mark Parris
Updated By: Michele Clark
Last updated: January 19, 1999