NS Helpful Hints

These are things that I wish I'd known 6 months ago. =) Please, please add to this page as you find out useful NS stuff.

Memory / Running Time

Check out Tips for Running Large Simulations in NS. In particular, if you put
add-packet-header IP TCP
at the top of your simulation script (before the [new Simulator] line), you'll save lots o' memory and lots o' time. By default, NS includes every possible packet header in every packet in the simulation. Look in .../ns/tcl/lib/ns-packet.tcl for a list of packet header types. Add in only the ones you need. (In the example above, I only needed IP and TCP.)

If you're using ns-2.1b8 or ns-2.1b8a, you'll need to apply the patch found here first.

Running time of a HTTP simulation before: 772.78 s
Running time of a HTTP simulation after: 126.97 s

Running Time

Feb 8, 2003

If you're having problems with running time going exponential (as compared to simulation time), check out the Heap scheduler.

$ns use-scheduler Heap
With a large HTTP experiment at 100% load, I saved 6 hours of running time just by switching the scheduler. All of the other results (rsptime CDF, throughput, drops, etc) remained either exactly the same or very close.
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Author: Michele Weigle (mcweigle@cs.unc.edu)