Setdelay and setwindow - setuid and installed

Notes from Mikkel:

The two programs: setwindow and setdelay, has been installed SUID root


in /root/tmp.

    Usage: [ -S send_window | -R recv_window ]
           -S send_window - set the tcp send window size
           -R recv_window - set the tcp recv window size

setdelay sets the delay for a specific queue and takes the following
      -i if_name
     -n if_num
     -q que_num
     -h hostname
     -d delay (ms)

example: brain138> setdelay -i vx -n 0 -q 0 -h thurston -d 5000

If setdelay is called only with a -q option, then the delaybox  for this
host is deactivated.

example: brain138> setdelay -q

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Author: Mark Parris
Last updated: Oct 21, 1998